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Results in 30-60 minutes, 93.3% reliability
No appointment, report in English and Spanish

Proof of antigens in Madrid (nasal sample), without waiting.​

Analysis result, antigen test in 30-60 minutes. How does it work?

100% of the tests carried out from Monday to Sunday, at the time indicated below; the result is obtained the same day 20 to 30-60 minutes after taking your test. Which will be sent to you via email.
Note: *On holidays it may take 180 minutes.

What you need to know before you take the test:
Results time

Delivery of results in 30 minutes / 1 hour. Delivery of report via email.

No appointment

You don’t need an appointment to take the test. Go at the right time.


Mon-Fri: 08:30 to 13:45 / 15:00 to 19:00. Saturdays: 09:00 to 11:30. Sundays: 10:00 to 13:00

No queues, no waiting

We have waits less than 10 minutes. Avoid coming first thing in the shift.

Results delivery simulator

We have created a simulator to calculate the delivery time of the results of the Covid-19 test in Madrid, you can choose the type of test, day and shift you want to perform it and it will give you the approximate time that you will receive the result.

Quick test antigens, results in 30-60 minutes.

The process for performing the test is very simple, although it should only be manipulated by a medical doctor.Here’s what you need to do to get tested at our center:


Head to Pinar Medical Center in Avda. de San Luis 164, Madrid.


We take the sampling to detect the presence of the virus or not


Wait from home for results via email in 30 minutes Ready!

Test for Covid 19 Does the antigen test work?

This test is certified to detect SARS-CoV-2 disease, the rapid antigen test requires no instrumentation and provides results in 30 minutes, making it a valuable tool for mass testing in decentralized environments. It is also an accessible and scalable option.

It can also be helpful in supporting public health strategies, such as contact tracing and large-scale testing of people suspected of having an active infection.


quick test antigens

The test reacts chemically to the presence of the virus. A negative result does not rule out Covid-19 infection, it should be confirmed with a PCR or Serological test.

Our centers do this by means of a sample in the nose or mouth.

Price test antigen test

Compare between different prices. We offer service to individuals and companies.

Antigen Test

Nasal discharge or pharynx
  • It is the fastest test to diagnose whether a person is infected, as long as the protocol is tracked is 93.4% reliable.

Secure Profile

(Antigens + PCR)
  • This set of tests helps us confirm if you have the virus currently in the short and long term.

Detection Profile

Antigens + Serology
  • This set of tests tells us if you have the virus only in the initial phase, if it has passed it and/or generated antibodies.

Antigen testing is recommended for people who have suspected infection or direct contact with a positive. It is important to clarify that the test should only be performed between the 1st and 6th day of suspected contagion in people with symptoms of SARS-CoV-2. After the 7th day of contagion the test loses reliability so a negative does not rule out the infection and must be confirmed with a PCR or Serology test.

The sampling takes an average of 3 to 5 minutes. After 30 min – 60 minutes, if your result is positive you will be informed directly by phone (you will subsequently receive an email with your report), if it is negative, you will receive an email with your report within 2-3 hours.j

It is generally not valid for flying because it represents low reliability but, we recommend checking with your company or airline for requirements and/or requirements. In any case you can have the PCR and/or Serology test.

Frequent doubts about the antigen test

It has a sensitivity of: 99.4% and a reliability of 93.3 %

If you want to make a comparison between the two tests, it has to be based on the needs of the patient or the requirement of a medical doctor. On the one hand the antigen test is more accessible and the results are in a short time, but it only has a reliability of 93.3% and is recommended between the 1st and 6th day of suspected infection or symptoms. While the PCR test represents a higher percentage of reliability, valid for flying and using the molecular amplification technique, capable of detecting the presence of the virus in the long term. In conclusion, antigen tests are very reliable, but less sensitive than PCR tests.

Address / Schedules

Go without an appointment to the medical center for the quick antigen test

We take the sample and you get the results 30 - 60 minutes


Hours of testing

Monday to Fryday: 08:30 to 13:45 and 15:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 11:30
Sunday: 10:00 to 13:00
Festive: 10:00 to 13:00

Avda. de San Luis, 164 – 28033 Madrid
Phone: 626 31 02 42

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